Private labelling

Unique formulation

Private labelling

Private labeling of sport nutrition is the most recognized service manufacturer offers to brand owners nowadays. Are you interested in setting up your own sports nutrition brand? With the private label supplements from Star Nutraceuticals you can go live with your own sports nutrition within a month.

We help you with product selection up to the appearance of your products. Everything is done inhouse, so you can benefit from competitive pricing and endless possibilities in both the content and appearance of your product.

Unique products

Meeting your needs

What is this

Private label supplements are formulated products completely tailored to your wishes. You may be able to cope with our white label supplements if a specific product formula is not needed. Private label supplements are ideal if you want a unique product formula or if you want such adjustments to a product formula that we need to make specifically for you.

Private label supplements have been around for some time. The demand for private label supplements has increased considerably in recent years. We see an increasing trend in young entrepreneurs who switch from selling existing brands and start with private label supplements for their own nutrition brand.


Private label supplements have many advantages over white label supplements. Our professionals make specific CLF quality (Clean Label Formula) with the highest quality and precision. With private label supplements you have a unique product that guarantees quality and perfection. We can customize the entire look if you want to really want something special.

High quality exotic ingredients available

CLF quality (Clean Label Formula)

GMP & ISO22000 certified production

HACCP ruling in every facility we own

Quick lead times

Wide range of packaging possibilities

Minimum quantities of 300kg of each powder and flavor

Strong pricing

Natural quality flavors

Best quality of raw ingredients

Full traceability and documentation

Excluded from prohibited substances

Over 3 decades of experience

Full formula cloning

Our promise

Starting with private label supplements is not an easy task. Apart from the unique formulation, we only work with the highest quality raw materials. We use only natural or natural identical flavoring. We do not use any chemical flavors in our plants. Therefore products from Star Nutraceuticals are recognizable compared to others. The way flavor and smell explodes when coming in contact with fluid is not seen elsewhere thanks to our unique developed aroma’s for maintaining the best of the flavor when your consumers want it at a given moment.

In addition, we use pure raw materials from the best producers in the world. Quality is extremely important to us and that’s why we work with proven and scientifically substantiated herbal extracts.

Our professionals can advise you well and we will indicate what is and what is not possible. All productions are subject to EU regulations and can only take place with permitted formulations under law. We check each formula before we start with production to avoid disappointment afterwards.

Star Nutraceuticals always sends clients samples before we start producing private label supplements. After approval of the sample, we will proceed to production.

Ready to start?

Starting a business with Star Nutraceuticals means you probably have lots of questions and therefore you can either just call us by phone or email us.

We are happy to answer all of your questions.