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At Star Nutraceuticals, we pride ourselves on delivering unique and relevant private label supplements. With decades of experience in the sports and health supplement industry, our experts stay ahead of the curve by actively engaging with groundbreaking developments in health nutrition. We understand that being successful as a nutrition brand requires more than just appearances and competitive pricing. That’s why we go the extra mile to create exceptional supplement options that cater to your specific needs. Discover the benefits of our diverse range of supplements and experience the Star Nutraceuticals difference today.


At Star Nutraceuticals, we fully embrace our clean label formula solution throughout every step of your product’s production. Crafting the perfect blend means creating an exceptional product from a transparent formula. As we strive to minimize our environmental impact, we prioritize the use of natural ingredients in a sustainable and eco-friendly manner. Join us in our mission to deliver quality products that nourish both your body and the planet.





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Step 1

Starting to do business with Star Nutraceuticals is a seamless process. We prioritize utmost confidentiality in our conversations with customers and strictly adhere to standard NDA approval procedures. Our software solutions are meticulously designed with robust data protection measures, ensuring both your security and ours. To maintain efficiency, our system automatically deletes inactive data. To proceed, we kindly request your company details through a short and user-friendly registration process. Please note that we do not disclose prices to unregistered clients, nor do we share any customer names or details via phone or any other means.

Step 2

When it comes to Star Nutraceuticals, we understand the importance of your details and prioritize discussing your specific needs. Whether it involves a ready-made product or the development of a new one, your dedicated contact will guide you in analyzing the most effective approach to achieve optimal results at minimal costs. At Star Nutraceuticals Laboratory, our advanced R&D facility is home to highly educated experts with decades of experience in their respective fields. Choose between our white label or private label options, and together, we can embark on this journey. Regardless of your choice, allow us to handle the blending process and deliver exactly what you require.

Step 3

Enhancing your brand’s success is our top priority at Star Nutraceuticals. With a strong foundation in blending and formulating a wide range of powders, tablets, capsules, and liquids, we guarantee high-quality private label supplements tailored to your specific needs. Backed by our in-house designers’ expertise and over 1000 successful brand designs, we ensure your product stands out in the market. Committed to optimization, our streamlined processes enable us to offer short lead times for private labeling and direct delivery of white label supplements. Experience the Star Nutraceuticals difference and unlock the full potential of your nutrition brand today.

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At Star Nutraceuticals, we place a strong emphasis on the well-being of our valued customers. With this commitment in mind, we diligently ensure the accuracy of our product’s nutritional information. We conduct random analyses at our factory, guaranteeing that the information on our labels aligns precisely with the actual contents. Furthermore, upon arrival at our distribution warehouses, we conduct a comprehensive inspection, meticulously evaluating the structure, taste, and mixability of our products to uphold our unwavering standards. Our dedication to transparency is evident through our accessibility of nutritional analyses for all our customers. Rest assured, at Star Nutraceuticals, your health remains our utmost priority.

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Starting your entrepreneurial journey with Star Nutraceuticals? We’re your ultimate destination for guidance. Connect through phone or email and our committed team will provide expert assistance every step of the way. Let us empower you in making your Star Nutraceuticals endeavor flourish!


A perfect blend of seasoned experts and exceptional talent, Star Nutraceuticals brings forth a remarkable team.

We are fully committed to sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint. Our operations are deeply rooted in this goal, as we prioritize the use of abundant natural resources.

Star Nutraceuticals takes pride in its unique production and R&D capabilities, thanks to our top-notch hardware, software, experience, and talent.

Star Nutraceuticals ensures that all its supplements are manufactured and packaged according to worldwide and HACCP regulations, guaranteeing quality at every stage.

Clean formulas

At Star Nutraceuticals, we are committed to our clean label formula solution throughout every step of your product’s production. We believe that creating a blend means crafting the finest product from a clear and concise recipe. As we strive for excellence, we also prioritize reducing our carbon footprint by incorporating as many natural ingredients as possible in an environmentally friendly and responsible manner.

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Great for Startups!

White/ label

Less than 100kg moq

More than 500 supplements

Instant availability

Standard CLF

Custom label design

High quality control

Standard packaging

No formula cloning


Great for well settled brands!

Private/ label

Moq of 300kg <> 500kg a flavor

Custom formula

Lead-time of 4<>6 weeks

Advanced CLF

Fully custom design

Custom packaging

Advanced quality control

Full formula cloning


Compared to others


Moq from 500kg

Limited options

Leadtime of 6<>10 weeks

Regular formulation

No label designs

Limited packaging

Standard quality control

No cloning options

Happy clients

At Star Nutraceuticals, we understand the significance of providing exceptional products and personalized care to our valued clientele. So, why wait? Experience the benefits today.



The best flavor and mixability we had during our search for the perfect manufacturer for our brand. No nonsense people with actually knowledge in the field of manufacturing sport supplements. Fast response, fast turnover and amazing taste. Honestly we are very happy.

Outstanding service


Got naughty and called cold without any information and was helped right away by the acting ceo. They took the time to answer my questions and send me samples within days to confirm the quality. What can i say, give respect where respect is due to give. These guys are the best at what they do. For me a five out of five without doubt.

One and only


Started my own nutrition brand after doing years of influencing for a big brand. Actually was not really searching for a manufacturer but ran into one of the owners and was instantly convinced that these are the guys to provide me my very first owned signature pre workout. These are the legends of the game.

Very knowledgeable


Been in this scene for more than a decade and tasted a tested a lot of different products. Got to know this company after searching the internet and booked an appointment at the office to discuss my needs. They know what they are talking about I can tell this for sure. Not only about formulating but also in using the right raw materials. Used their full design package solution. Hit the design in the first hit! Just WOOOAWH