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Way to perfection

Making a perfect blend requires technical expertise and a feeling for what is going on in the market. Star Nutraceuticals has years of experience in running different brands and innovation-oriented R&D. Our team always succeed in developing products that meet your needs in every respect.


The core of our company is powders. From proteins and amino acid blends to the right workout blend.


One of our main productions are sports supplements, health-promoting products, supplementing the basic deficiencies of the main macro- and micronutrients, including multivitamin complexes and mono-preparations.


Own produced liquids with great taste and quality.


Enrich your brand with liquid forms like, vitamins, amino acids, magnesium, L-Carnitine, fat burners, bcaa’s, pre workouts, collagen shots and many more in ampules but also in ready-to-drink cans while using natural water source.


Tablets and effervescent tablets are more and more asked nowadays.


Beside developing dietary supplements in tablets, our services has expanded the last in also making high quality effervescent tablets. Our facilities has the equipment and know-how to put your formula into a powereful tablet blend.


Star Nutraceuticals® only uses the very highest quality capsulating technique on the market with the best raw materials.


Developing dietary supplements in capsules is one of our absolute specialties.
We have the know-how and technology to work with you to put together the most complex and powerful recipes. In addition to our standard formulas, we offer the option of developing a very personal product.

Unique formulas

in a clean and effective way

Our supplements meet strict hygiene requirements and use the most modern equipment during the production process, which, in combination with the correct recipes, guarantees very high quality.

Health food supplements

Are more popular than ever. At Star Nutraceuticals we are the best in blending and formulating powders, tablets, capsules and liquids. We only cooperate with suppliers of ingredients that are characterized by the highest quality, degree of standardization and repeatability in each production batch.

Our raw materials are the results of many years of research and analysis confirming their effectiveness. Therefore we are capable of creating a unique production environment for each powder, tablet or capsule to meet the highest standards in the market.

All our products maintain the highest CLF quality (Clean Label Formula) and maximum recipe compatibility.

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