Exclusive liquid formulations

Manufacturing liquids is a fast growing department within Star Nutraceuticals. 

Star Nutraceuticals is enriched by products in liquid form like, vitamins, amino acids, magnesium, L-Carnitine, fat burners, bcaa’s, pre workouts, collagen shots and many more.

We can produce drinks in cans and bottles, ampules and shots and lastly gels. We do this with the use of natural source water.


Our plant distanced itself from competitors because we have a much faster lead time and lower minimum quantities than elsewhere. Star Nutraceuticals® liquids also have great taste and quality and we innovate when it comes to liquids. Where others are making the same liquids day after day, we at Star Nutraceuticals develop new formulas every month thanks to our advanced R&D technology.

All our liquids are using the same CLF quality (Clean Label Formula) as our powders and other formulations.


Our professionals can advise you well and we will indicate what is and what is not possible. All productions are subject to EU regulations and can only take place with permitted formulations under law. We check each formula before we start with production to avoid disappointment afterwards.

The possibilities in liquids is almost endless. We produce products such as carbohydrate supplements, isotonic drinks, amino acids, pre- and post-workout formulas and all kind of energy products.

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