Packaging design

Where vision meets perfection

Within Star Nutraceuticals we have a specialized department Graphic & Packaging design. Our team is built around experienced designers specialized in sport and health nutrition brands combined with raw young talents. Our job is to stay preserved for the brands we are working for or have worked for but we have several graphic designers in our studios who did the whole branding, from logo to label design for big USA and EU brands.

The only goal for us is that our professionals turn your concept into a true work of art. From the design of your logo, corporate identity to realistic 3d renders.


We follow trends and developments in the field of product appearance in sport and health supplements. We look beyond your brand and go the extra mile by researching what your target audience likes to see.

Years of knowledge in the field of packaging design have ensured that we can provide fully customized label design for our customers. We use color psychology in combination with modern design to lift your brand to a very high level in terms of appearance.


A little peek into what our studios can do for your business

The best packaging design in the market. Full cover sleeves to get your brand to the highest standards.

Labels from the highest quality. With over 1000+ design delivered, you can expect great things from our team. 100% hand crafted.

Star Nutraceuticals® VR laser renders for nxtgen nutrition brands with a whopping 99.5% accuracy. We make reality out of nothing.


Understand the creative process.


First phase of design is understanding your client and gathering requirements. Good designers take notes of every detail given.


Creativity is not a switch that you turn on. Understanding the design and requirements is vital for a perfect result.


Making a design is more than drawing lines and figures. Every design we make we see it as a series of paintings.


We don’t only show you the result. You have to understand the reasoning behind it. Dig deep into the creativity, together.

Our packs

To make your life easy we have created simple packages.


Having a small budget?

Basic/ pack

Custom label design

Up to 2 designs

PDF Print files

Nutrition facts included

Source files

No branding

No product renders

2 revision rounds



Gold/ pack

Fully custom label design

Up to 10 designs

PDF Print files

Nutrition facts included

Source files


Custom product renders

Unlimited revisions


A good balanced pack

Silver/ pack

Advanced label design

Up to 5 designs

PDF Print files

Nutrition facts included

Source files

No branding

Standard product renders

5 revision rounds


A full service manufacturer like Star Nutraceuticals® is active in different processes of creating or maintaining your nutrition brand. Too much to put into writing. Give us a call or e-mail us your requirements and one of our designers will get back to you as soon as possible.

Our design team have worked for well established brands worldwide.