High-quality ingredients

Star Nutraceuticals facilities have the necessary experience to produce dietary supplements dedicated to athletes and physically active people. We produce a variety of sports nutrition in the form of powders for the preparation of drinks, including protein products based on whey protein and vegan protein sources. To ensure quality of our proteins we only use proteins from the leading manufacturers of whey proteins.

Manufactured from fresh, nutritionally balanced whey. All milk which is used to manufacture Star Nutraceuticals whey proteins are from grass fed european cows. Using specialized processing techniques and unrivaled industry knowledge, the whey range Star Nutraceuticals offers natural whey proteins that are non-denatured and complete with all protein fractions intact; it’s the ultimate solution where quality ingredients are key.


From protein-rich meal replacements and amino acid blends to the right workout blend. Our R&D professionals develop homogeneous blends with perfect solubility, attractive appearance and excellent taste.

We manufacture a variety of dietary supplements in our modern production facility. One of our main productions are sports supplements, health-promoting products, supplementing the basic deficiencies of the main macro- and micronutrients, including multivitamin complexes and mono-preparations.

Supplements containing high-quality ingredients with a revitalizing and strengthening effect, preparations supporting slimming, healthy skin and hair powders.


Our professionals can advise you well and we will indicate what is and what is not possible. All productions are subject to EU regulations and can only take place with permitted formulations under law defined ruling. We check each formula before we start with production to avoid disappointment afterwards.

The product portfolio is also enriched by products such as gainers, carbohydrate supplements, isotonic drinks, amino acids, pre- and post-workout formulas and creatine.

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