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Some conversations need to be done via video or in person, we understand this more than ever. Every client we know personally and that can only be achieved by seeing each other.

Book your appointment with Star Nutraceuticals and one of our people will contact you to confirm your meeting.
A brief description of who you are and your question is required so we know what to expect.

Got questions

Starting a business with Star Nutraceuticals® means you probably have lots of questions
and therefore you can either just call us by phone or email us or use our chatbox in the right corner of your screen


Let’s make your life easy.

What is the moq?

Our moq on white label products from our catalog is 100 jars (each flavor), with private label supplements this is 300 kg each flavor. One of our people can advice and help you.

What is your leadtime?

Leadtimes can vary with the choices you make. Private label formula’s has at the moment a leadtime between 4 to 6 weeks. Our stock products can be delivered right away or within a week.

What products do you have?

We have a white label catalog of over 400 different supplements. Besides this we can make all kind of powders (proteins, bcaa’s, pre workouts etc), tablets and capsules and liquids (shots, ampules and drinks).

Do you produce yourself?

We have our own factory with our own Star Nutraceuticals® professionals.

Can you do dropshipping?

No, we do not do dropshipping. However we have a trusty fulfillment center where we can stock your products and ship europe wide to whichever home adress you want. Setup fee is required for this option. Ask our people for further information about this

Where is your portfolio?

From the first moment we have contact with a client we have an NDA disclosure agreement. In this business everything is about trust and protection your brand for others. We understand this principle more than ever and therefore we do not share our clients with anybody.


Star Nutraceuticals® is located in strategic places to give you the best services possible.

Head office

Star Nutraceuticals® Health and Food Supplements office is located in the Netherlands. Situated at Euroweg 50b, 2988CM Ridderkerk.

You can reach us via +31(0)85 4001195 during business hours.

Opening hours ( 9.00am till 5.30pm – GMT +1 )

Note: we do not disclose prices via phone. Nor do we disclose the clients we work for, we take the privacy of our clients seriously and therefore we do not comment on these questions. Our quality and products speak for themselves, we don’t need to convince you to do business with us. It is you who need to convince yourself that Star Nutraceuticals is your future manufacturer.


High-end production facility with extensive R&D department. The place where all the blending takes place and blends are beeing tested in Sevilla, Spain.


Being in contact with clients is something we do personally. We like short lines and quick solutions. The person that you get on the phone is your accountmanager, very simple!

Our professionals are available during business hours (GMT +1). Because we do business with clients around the globe and therefore are dealing with different timezones we are flexible in the available times.